Website Insight 4β is here!

Analyze 70+ factors that improve your Site's Usability and Search Rank


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Now for Windows & macOS!

This search-rank booster has been a popular SEO tool among our Windows crowd for years. It scans sites, provides a detailed report to fine-tune pages to increase its visibility & usability. Now OS X users can get in on the action too!

Joining the beta today will give you instant access to the app plus the full release version too. How cool is that! :-)

In-depth guidance

Get a comprehensive report about site content along with a list of any potential problems. Recommendations will help you prioritize which issues should be addressed first and which ones can wait for a rainy day. You'll know just what to do to make the search engines happy.

SEO Reporting

Insightful keyword analysis

Keywords are words or short phrases that are core or ‘relevant’ to the content on the page. They are important for accurately describing the page, product or service and (therefore) used for searching by people interested in the matter. The app compiles a 12-point overview measuring their usage on the site.

Keyword Metrics

So what's SEO, anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s often described with mysterious definitions such as “The methodology behind improving your website’s rank in search results.” We like to think of it as “Visitor Friendliness.” If you make the visit a relevant, memorable and interesting experience, you will benefit both in the search engines and with the people who visit.

What is SEO

In other words, build businesses and websites with people—not search engines—in mind! Serve your customers well and the search engines will love you. After all, those search engines were built by people and borrow heavily from the developers’ good ol’ real-world experiences.


Get insight on 70+ data points that can improve your site’s usability and visibility.

Project management: all scans are saved in a single project file allowing you to view your progress over time.

Reports that are no longer useful can be removed from your project.

It will diligently point out any broken links, report on neglected meta descriptions, and listed header information. 

If you need faster analysis or are not interested in certain areas, simply tell Website Insight what to skip.

See how each page has been constructed plus analyze the weight of each component.

Breakdown your page’s core components, view their size and load time impact.

Examine your content structure with a comprehensive, analytical overview of each page. Get insight in keywords usage, word count, link counts, alt text, header text and more.

Website Insight categorizes words, head data, internal, external and broken links (if you have any), shows header data as well as emphasized content.

Get a handy checkbox overview of your keywords utilization and distribution.

Improve keyword usage with keyword density and importance statistics.

Analyse keyword placement in links and image alt texts using a handy filter.

Sweet read: enjoy a comprehensive, up to date Quick Start Guide with handy SEO information and tips.

Check search engine visibility factors such as the use of valid code and design practices.

If problems are found, your buddy Website Insight shows you what is wrong and what to do about it!

Get an understanding of the search engine and visitor friendliness of your site by checking factors like sitemaps and robot txt files.

Domain age can have a positive impact on your search rank: check yours.

Support for the humans.txt format. This new initiative is designed for letting the public know who is behing your website. 

Full support for responsive website designs.   

Server response code and malware checker: you never know!

Customizable stop words settings: you decide what words should not be included.

Custom settings for minimum keyword length and occurrences give you granular control over the way the program includes words in the analysis.

Real Time Web Analytics